My lessons are for kids and adults, beginners to advanced players. I want you to learn to play! That is the goal. Whether you are starting for the first time or looking to take your playing to the next level. And you will get there! I see improvement from all of my students everyday no matter their age. It's very encouraging! I've seen my students start bands, perform solo, and surprise even themselves with talent they didn't know they even had. But we all do. 

Lessons can be any length of time you want. I'd suggest no shorter than 30 minutes. Time goes by pretty fast! Most of my lessons are 30 minutes for ages 6 to about 10-12 and 1 hour for older kids and adults. But I've done 45 minute lessons and 1 and a half hour lessons too.

My rate is $50 per hour. So a 30 minute lesson is $25. I keep it simple.

If you have any questions about lessons please let me know. Happy to talk about my approach to teaching and what goes into each lesson as well as what's expected from the students.

Let's Pick!

*** With school's being closed and all the general craziness going on at the moment I'm offering "Pay What You Can" Pricing. Which is literally what it sounds like. If you or your child want to be able to take some lessons online from home we can make it work. Don't be shy just give me a call and we'll figure out what works for you. It's a tough time for all of us but playing music and learning an instrument is something we can still do! So hopefully this will help! ***

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